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Creating Innovative Applications and
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A New Riders Book
by Dan Saffer



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Second Edition

I'm very pleased to announce the Second Edition of Designing for Interaction will be available on August 24, 2009. With new chapters on Design Strategy; Design Research Analysis; Brainstorming and Design Principles; and Prototyping and Development.

Pre-order from Amazon Posted on July 05, 2009

"A tight little knit of a book"

Nice review of D4I by Michael Cummings on his blog:

One of the many strengths of his book (aside from Dan’s depth of insight and breadth of experience) is that he ties together so many varied perspectives on interaction design, to include those of others (a good example for all designers) directly, through interviews. These serve as fitting diversions; quick, germane interviews with interaction design founders and luminaries, such as Marc Rettig, Dan Dubberly, Larry Tesler, Robert Reinmann, Shelly Evenson and others.

Read full review. Posted on April 29, 2008

Spy Magazine Review of D4I

How did I miss this review from Spy? "For the uninitiated Designing for Interaction is a good introduction to interaction design and design futures, and for anyone planning to practice it is a well-considered guide." Posted on May 08, 2007

Dave Cronin Reviews D4I

Dave Cronin, Director of Interaction Design at Cooper, takes a look at the interaction design books on the market in a Cooper Newsletter post. Here's some of what he said about Designing for Interaction:

Saffer's book provides a great survey of activities and theories related to the practice of interaction design, highlighting the fact we are all finally working within an established profession...Saffer gets beyond the fundamentals to take a look at more sophisticated topics such as how to design for adaptation and what he refers to as "the new frontier of interaction design": service design. Here Saffer is particularly eloquent and though-provoking...Saffer provides a great primer to those entering the field (as well as some nuggets of wisdom and clear-headedness for those of who have been around for a while).
Posted on March 23, 2007

Embarassing Good Review

From Leursism:

Compared to About Face 2.0, Designing for Interaction is a delight: it’s concise, well written (no ego boosted rant), well structured, well illustrated; it so clear that it makes you think that Interaction Design is even easy! Designing for Interaction covers all the topics and things you need to know to do a design job in a professional manner. Worth mentioning about this book are the interviews with experts and practitioners from the field, which makes it very joyful to read. To conclude this review: for Interaction Design students (basically for every student or professional who is involved in the multimedia industry), this is a-must-read. It’s much better than About Face 2.0 (eat you heart out Alan)!

Wow, crazy. Posted on January 08, 2007

D4I in Italian

Designing for Interaction is being translated into Italian and will be available in March from Pearson Education Italia.

Pearson Education Italia sta traducendo Designing for Interaction in italiano. Sarà disponibile in marzo. Posted on January 08, 2007

Designing for Interaction is informed, intelligent, and inspiring. Dan Saffer delivers practical advice on today's interaction design challenges, and smart insights on tomorrow's.
—Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience

A bookshelf must-have for anyone thinking of creating new designs.
—Jared Spool, CEO of UIE

A great survey of activities and theories related to the practice of interaction design.
—Dave Cronin, Dir. of Interaction Design, Cooper

A bold and pioneering work.
—Gino Zahnd, Push Button For



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Table of Contents and Chapter 1 Excerpt (2.6mb pdf)

Chapter 4: Design Research on New Riders' site

Chapter 6: Ideation and Design Principles (on Johnny Holland) New chapter!

Marc Rettig interview excerpt on Interaction Design's History and Future

Hugh Dubberly interview excerpt on Systems Design

Larry Tesler interview excerpt on The Laws of Interaction Design

Brenda Laurel interview excerpt on Design Research

Robert Reimann interview excerpt on Personas

Luke Wroblewski interview excerpt on Visual Interaction Design

Shelley Evenson interview excerpt on Service Design

Carl DiSalvo interview excerpt on Designing for Robots

Adam Greenfield interview excerpt on Everyware